DigiChamps Level 1

The course introduces young learners to computing devices and the digital world. It provides a fitting platform for the students to get a headstart in acquiring critical skills required to work with common computer applications like MS Word, MS Powerpoint and Tux paint. The hands-on learning process and effective plenaries ensure a deeper consolidation of knowledge and understanding.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Types of computing devices
· External parts of a computer and its function
· Turning on/off a computer and logging in
· Opening, closing, minimizing an application on the computer
· Logging in and logging out of a computer, safe practices
· Keyboard and mouse, right posture
· Impact of technology on our lives

Digital World
. Using browser and age-appropriate search engine
· Practising online safety

Power point
· Creating a blank presentation and opening an existing presentation
· Adding new slides, insert images and text
· Applying design to slides
· Using an unnumbered list.

Tux Paint
· Using Paint brush
· Selecting colors from color palette, Color fill
· Adding stamps.
· Presenting projects in Tux Paint.

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