DigiChamps Level 2

The course serves as a springboard for young minds to dive deeper into the digital world. They learn more about computing devices, online safety and browsing techniques. They also expand their knowledge of MS Word, MS Powerpoint and Tux Paint, gaining an understanding of the important tools and utilities that help them master the use of these applications. The various exercises and challenges provide an opportunity to the students to reflect on their learning and apply their knowledge to new situations.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Input and output devices
· Simple troubleshooting
· Use of mouse and touchpad
· File types and their software.
· File system
· Strong passwords

Digital World
· Work respectfully and responsibly with others online
· Use tabs on a browser, hyperlinks

·Create a new word document
· Add, format and align text
· Save a document, name the document
· Insert and align images
· Add frame and caption to images

Power point
· Inserting shapes and text boxes
· Changing color theme
· Copy and paste objects
· Duplicating slides

Tux Paint
· Draw shapes of different sizes, colors and orientations
· Add text and labels to drawings
· Text modification
· Flipping images
· Magic Tool
· Add effects
· Create different patterns
· Decorate drawings

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