DigiChamps Level 3

The course delves deeper into the concepts of web browsing, emailing and search tools. It throws light upon the parts of a computer and their functions emphasising on their utilitarian aspect. It further helps the learners explore and enhance the fundamental competencies in MS Word and MS PowerPoint as they make connections between theory and practice via a hands-on learning approach. The students are also introduced to the world of 3D modelling with Tinkercad- a web app developed to empower young innovators with foundational designing skills.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Computing system
· Hardware and software working together
· Touch Typing (home row, punctuation keys)
· Keyboard Shortcuts
· Search tools

Digital World
· URL of a website, suffixes (.org, .com, .edu,net, .gov)
· Compose and send an email
· Use email, messaging and other tools to
· share information and communicate ideas

· Add numbered and unnumbered lists
· Use style and themes
· Page size
· Insert icons

Power point
· Adding SmartArt
· Changing SmartArt type
· Changing the color theme of SmartArt

· Introduction to 3D design and printing
· Create basic 3D shapes
· List the different view modes

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