DigiChamps Level 4

The course helps students gain a broader experience of the functionality of tools used to communicate over the internet. It furnishes a comprehensive view of network devices, their operations, technical issues faced while working with them and troubleshooting. The course also helps students develop their Word and PowerPoint skills through guided inquiry and project based learning. They are further introduced to the tools and techniques required to work with Tinkercad. The additional challenges support to strengthen their conceptual understanding and its application to real world problems.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Network devices
· Common troubleshooting for hardware and software problems
· Evolution of computing technologies
· Touch Typing (Lower and upper rows).

Digital World
· Transmission of information on the internet
· Bookmarking on browsers
· Reply, reply all, forwarding emails
· Attach documents to emails

· Insert tables, change table styling
· Page borders
· Line spacing
· Use templates
· Portrait and landscape modes.

Power point
· Adding Icons
· Add text to text area
· Changing icon themes
· Present your slides.

· Basic controls
· Editing shapes
· Ruler and alignment
· 3D Text Tool
· Exporting designs
· Design slicing
· Support

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