DigiChamps Level 6

The course continues to build up on the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the computing systems by providing engagement with challenges and discovery of solutions. It delineates data transmission protocols, browser add-ons and several significant features of emailing. The course further actively engages the learners in an inquiry based process to understand the advanced methodologies and approaches in PowerPoint and Excel. It also establishes a foundational knowledge of Google Sites, deepening the emergent website designing skills of students through creation, active testing and analysing.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Technology and trade-offs in everyday life
· Technology and career evolution
· Organize files and data, recover data
· Printing and printer settings
· Touch typing (number keys and symbols)

Digital World
· Network
· Data transmission protocols
· Browser add-ons
· CC, BCC in email and its use
· Download, upload, zip files
· Attach zip files or folders to email

Power Point
· Add tables and data
· Insert/delete rows and columns
· Format text within the table
· Animations
· Preview Animations
· Effects options
· Timing the animation
· Animate a group of objects

Google sites
· Templates
· Components of Google Sites
· Layouts in Google Sites
· Edit an image
· Table of contents
· Sections and collapsible groups

· Components of the Excel window
· Data validations
· Insights from data using Sum(), Product ()
· Subtract

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