DigiChamps Level 7

The course provides an engaging platform for students to gain proficiency in identifying issues with computing devices and troubleshooting. Understanding of concepts like digital security, cloud computing and safe browsing is foregrounded with instances that are germane and logically connected. The students are further encouraged to practise and enhance their Word and Excel skills with suitable exercises based on problem-solving and critical -thinking. A comprehensive unit on Google Sites aims to take the website designing skills of the learners to another level as they collaborate and complete novel challenges including the publishing of their own websites.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Technology and bias · Password confidentiality and safety · Troubleshooting technical problems · Gain proficiency in touch typing

Digital World
· Digital security
· Cloud computing
· Use cloud computing
· social media and safety

· Add and modify table
· Insert, delete rows/columns
· Merge cells
· Text direction
· Borders
· Margins
· Autofit Google sites
· Theme, header and footer
· Editing of text and images
· Buttons, maps, divider
· Placeholder and image carousel
· Navigation and preview
· Sharing and publishing
· Duplicating or hiding pages
· Embed URL and YouTube videos.

· Wrap and Merge
· Find and Replace
· Conditional Operator

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