DigiChamps Level 8

This course facilitates the advanced learning of the digital world as students come across concepts like data encryption, data safety and browser cookies. It also highlights the management of software updates with special emphasis on rollbacks. The unit on Excel provides a scaffolded approach for learners to hone their logical, analytical and computational skills. They are further initiated into web development through HTML through exercises focussed on giving them a concrete experience for reflection and analysing.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Manage software updates
· Retrieve files or old versions

Digital World
· Data encryption
· Information sharing best practices
· Social media and its effect on our life
· Digital footprint
· Personal data safety, browser cookies

Web development
· IDE for html
· Basic html page elements
· Style attributes
· Div container
· List
· Navigation

· Data insights using Logical operator
· Criteria based analysis
· Data cleaning

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