DigiPro Level 8

Regular Expressions are a tool for searching and manipulating text. In this course students will apply regular expressions to solve interesting problems drawn from real coding competitions and build their programming skills as they progress. They will practice using core Python features, functions, and techniques to develop a clear understanding of data structures, conditions, algorithms, loops and other programming basics. By the end of the module, they’ll not only be proficient in Python, but also understand how to think through problems and tackle them with code. Students will also learn how to create an AI Assistant App using Thunkable and explore the various features of Thunkable.

About This Module

· Introduction to Python
· Variables and input
· Operators
· Conditional statements: if, if-else,if-elif-else
· Data structures: Strings and Lists
· Debugging
· Loops: For loop and while loop
· Nested loops
· User-defined functions

· AI Assistant App
· Speech-to-ext conversion and speech recognition
· Variables and conditions
· Social components
· Procedures
· Image recognition and classification

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