DigiChamps Level 5

The course serves to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the learners about computational systems. It describes the finer aspects of touch typing, file locations, extensions and securing device access apart from explaining the need and ways to be safe online. The learners are further exposed to new tools in Word, Powerpoint and Tinkercad through sufficient practice and reflection that support the construction of new understandings. The course also provides a foundational understanding of MS Excel- a computing software.

About This Module

Computing Systems and Devices
· Technology for diverse needs
· Improving computational artifacts
· Touch typing (space bar, return/enter, shift key)
· File locations, File extensions
· Securing devices access

Digital World
· Protecting personal information online
· Respecting intellectual property of others
· Browser’s history
· Websites and web pages
· Emails and safety

· Add WordArt
· Insert Shapes
· Dictation tool
· Read Aloud tool

Power point
· Transition effects
· Sound in a transition effect
· Time duration and transition effects
· Effect options

· 3D Sketching
· Complex designs
· Shape generation
· Geometric measurement
· Area and Volume

· Basics
· Use numbers to show separate objects
· Add numbers and text.
· Plotting data

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