DigiPro Level 9

Gain mastery over the fundamental coding skills with Python. Start with simple programming and practice to create more complex expressions. Learn how to write the pseudocode, use nested loops and work with data structures. Understand the employability of data visualization tools to analyze, manipulate and subset the data. Develop and compare algorithms for linear and binary search. Examine the function of the scope resolution operator in detail. Create data frames and learn to interpret CSV files. Acquire a thorough conceptual understanding of packages, libraries and modules. Explore AI in detail through time series forecasting, its applications and their evaluation.

About This Module

· Introduction to Python
· Variables and input
· Operators
· Conditional statements: if, if-else,if-elif-else
· Data structures: Strings and Lists
· Debugging
· Loops: For loop and while loop
· Nested loops
· User-defined functions

· AI Assistant App
· Speech-to-ext conversion and speech recognition
· Variables and conditions
· Social components
· Procedures
· Image recognition and classification

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