Future Ready Computer Science Curriculum designed for K-12

A teacher-friendly curriculum that makes computer science engaging, accessible and inspiring to young learners

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Project Based learning

Qubits CS Curriculum is designed based on fundamental computer science concepts. We follow project based learning approach and simulates real-life programming challenges for learners. Courses are grade level differentiated and are constantly updated to reflect changes in computer technology. We have used an interdisciplinary approach to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (plus the arts) into computer science learning.


Tools: Scratch Jr

Tools: Scratch Jr

DigiChamps Level 1

Tools: PowerPoint, Tux paint, MS Word

DigiChamps Level 4

Tools: Word, Power point, Tinkercad

DigiPro Level 5

Tools: Scratch, Teachable Machine, Thunkable

DigiChamps Level 8

Tools: Word, Excel

Key Skills Developed

Our Pedagogy



Motivated learners engage better in the learning process.

Each sprint begins with the end in mind and provides learner with a clear picture of what they will achieve and 'why should they learn it'?



Engaged learners learn better

Learners develop new skills and competencies by engaging deeply in textual and video-based learning materials to equip themselves with strategies to accomplish a variety of tasks.



Practices make everyone perfect

Learners hone their skills by practicing similar tasks to the ones they have learnt in the 'engage' part



Mastery is a result of deliberate practice

Learners apply their knowledge and skills to new tasks thereby gaining experience and sharpening their skills.

Aligned to standards

Curriculum alignment significantly boosts both student and faculty engagement and therefore significantly boosts student transitions, from one course to the next, both within schools and across institutional boundaries. Qubits provide a standards-based curriculum. The technology projects are correlated and aligned with the curriculum standards of the schools.

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